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What is a Pharm Party?

It's not a keg party out on the farm!

Today, when young people talk about a "Pharm Party," they are not necessarily referring to a keg party in someone's barn out on the family farm. The new term "Pharm Party" refers to a party where prescription drugs are readily available in a potentially deadly mixture. The term "Pharm" is short for pharmaceuticals, which includes such drugs as Xanax, a strong tranquilizer and powerful pain killers like Vicodin and Oxycontin. Often times mind altering psychotropic drugs like Zoloft, Prozac, and Wellbutrin, commonly advertised on television, are taken in concert with other powerful pain pills and tranquilizers at these pharmaceutical cocktail parties. Pharm party goers often refer to this potentially lethal concoction as "trail mix". The "trail mix" is usually served up in large bowls or baggies and handed out to guests in the same fashion as a hostess serves snacks and drinks at a cocktail party.

The DEA reported the arrests of 18 people in September of 2005 that accounted for an estimated 4,600 internet pharmacies. These pharmacies or "pill mills" are selling prescription drugs freely on the Internet. On the heels of the DEA report, results from the 2005 Partnership for a Drug-Free America survey shows that three in five youths have free unmonitored access to prescription pain killers via the family home. Pharming parties are becoming so popular the word "pharming" has become a familiar term used on Internet chat sites when referring to the collection of pills from the family medicine chest or the Internet. Many kids believe these prescription drugs to be less dangerous because they are "prescribed by a doctor". From the television ad campaigns selling anti-depressant medications, to the Internet and family medicine cabinet the availability of prescription drugs is an epidemic that has the potential to far exceed the devastation society is being faced with already through illegal drug use in the U.S.

Summertime can be adventurous for kids while they are out of school and is also a time when many kids become exposed to drugs for the first time. We encourage all parents to take the time to get educated on the subject of drugs and their abuse and to talk to your children about drugs and alcohol abuse. Do it for the sake of our future generation.

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