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Drug Rehab Program

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Our Drug Rehab has 4 Times the Industry Success Rate!

With 75% - 90% Long-Term Success

Where Traditional Drug Rehab Treatments Fail this Program Succeeds

Why is this Drug Rehab Program so successful?

Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab centers address all aspects of addiction.

Step 1 - Eliminate the cravings for alcohol and drugs forever.

While both 12-step programs and faith-based programs rely on prayer and meditation our program uses a proven science to detox the body by flushing all accumulated drug and alcohol toxins out of the individuals system permanently, and without drugs or surgery.

Step 2 - Handle all underlying issues.

Most alcoholics and addicts are self-medicating themselves to cover up underlying issues. While most programs use the "one day at a time" motto (just don't drink or use no matter what) our program uses Cognitive Behavioral therapies that gets to the root of the problem. By getting our students to confront and handle their issues not only are they able to move past them they can break free of the chains of depression that keeps them using drugs and alcohol.

Step 3 - Life Skills

Our Drug Rehab program delivers a series of life skills courses that give our students common sense solutions for handling everyday problems in life. These include study courses, communication courses, personal care and a series on honesty, integrity and morals. We have found that education plays a vital role in obtaining long-term sobriety.

Step 4 - Relapse prevention skills.

So many people have gone to a drug rehab and upon graduating go right back to their old friends, neighborhoods and hang outs only to find they get sucked right back into their old behavior patterns. Our students learn to recognize their relapse triggers and avoid them. Our students learn how important it is to make new friends, join new groups and surround themselves with people who do not use alcohol and drugs.

Step 5 - Aftercare.

Our program has a 2 year aftercare program. Counselors do weekly follow-ups and are always available to our graduates. We help our graduates recognize problems and triggers before it's too late. Our centers also offer a comprehensive training program for graduates who wish to pursue a career in the field of recovery. Our centers are always ready to hire and train our graduates.

Long Term drug rehab treatment that works !

All of our centers are 501(c)3 non-profit and therefore our center is based on a result not a time period .We are considered a long term drug rehab because we do not care how long it takes. While typically most student take 3-6 months our motto is "It takes as long as it takes" and we do not graduate a student before they are ready.

Since 1966 - Long Term Inpatient Drug Rehab and Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Centers

We have drug rehab centers all around the country and world.

Drug Rehab Success RateTake a look around our site, and our information on drug addiction, drug intervention, our drug treatment program and our approach to drug addiction treatment.

Then, call us on 800-785-4962 and talk to one of our addiction treatment counselors.

We look forward to the opportunity to tell you more about the drug addiction treatment program, and how it can help you or your loved ones overcome their drug addiction.

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